WOOD EFFECT ALUMINUM                                  WOOD                                                TINTE RAL

Materials and finishes
A rainbow of colors on the aluminum profiles, including the innovative wood colors, to satisfy your imagination or if forced by existing works to find the right adjustment.
Solid wood, mainly coming from secondary forests to protect the environment, stabilized, seasoned, treated and worked to achieve the highest quality classifications FAS1 (*). The wooden profiles of door and frame can be dismantled and replaced in case of need or to adapt the windows to new furniture.
(*) Fas1 quality classification required for fine furniture and cabinet makingThe appearance and the grain of the different essences, present differences between trunk and trunk; some essences are subject to variations in color due to light. These prerogatives are to be indemnified as the absolute value of solid wood. The sample of the interior finishes may vary in some areas, ask the availability to the authorized ALULEN door and window frames.
Each ALULEN dealer has aluminum color cards and wooden folders for a real view of the product as well as technical data sheets on wooden profiles that attest to the class. The CE marking guarantees a safer product for the final consumer and the safety of a certified retailer.